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 General Poems - Foolish Questions


Poet Name - Lawrence S. Pertillar
Poem Submit by - Hamza
Email - hamza.smspunch@gmail.com

Poem ID - 2308
Characters - 1146
Submit Date - 5/22/2010 12:03:24 PM
Foolish Questions

Why do I go to school? '

To get an education.
To learn about others...
And to expand your understanding!
Making sure you don't do those things,
That are considered unlawful.
Doing things right and obtaining a good life!
To live well and be able to buy quality 'things'!

Then why did I get suspended from school,
For reading from my Bible?
I pray to have a better life...
And for God to help me pass my tests!
Uncle Teddy sits in prison for breaking the law...
And he says all the inmates are given Bibles!
Soooo...if I break the law,
I go to prison and be given a Bible?
That doesn't make sense!
Especially if I'm in prison for doing something unlawful.
And I want to do my best in school by using something
That's not understood!
And uncle Teddy says when he gets out...
He's going to be a preacher in our neigborhood! '

Your uncle and the others are being rehabilitated!
And finding God is the only way for them.

But daddy,
I didn't lose Him! '

Nor are you studying for the ministry!
Now do your homework...
And enough of these foolish questions!'

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